CETAAK Bhavanam Key Handing Over Ceremony

A better life comes when we, the ones who have, are willing to sacrifice a little to leave a lasting impact on disadvantaged families caught in the cycle of poverty. A house that replaces a cabin, transforms a family’s opportunities. They now have a place to generate an income, educate their children, and feel secure.

CETAA Bhavanam is one such project upholding the social commitment of all CETians in Kochi, aimed at providing a home for the need. CETAA Kochi had partnered with other CETAA Chapters and well-wishers in mobilizing funds for this venture. The key sponsors for the first house were the CET 1987 batch.

In this quest to substantially rehabilitate families, The Indian Institute of Architecture (Kochi Centre) had taken up the responsibility of designing a resilient house with adequate space planning, cost effectiveness, and scope for expansion. 

Ms. Karthiyani Kunjappan was the beneficiary of the initial project. She manages a household consisting of a sick and bedridden husband and mentally and physically challenged elderly children.

The Key Handover Ceremony of the house built by the collaborative efforts of CETAA Kochi, the kind-hearted souls in the locality and the Councilor of Kochi Municipal Corporation, was held on May 25, 2019, at the location of Marvelithundiyil House, Vennala, Kochi.