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FlockForge Solutions to Drive Alumni Engagement

CETAA Kochi (CETAAK) has tied up with Flockforge Solutions to assist with their alumni engagements. Flockforge being the right platform for such assistance as the riveting features which includes website and mobile apps. Flockfoge facilitates of building and managing the alumni database, driving alumni engagement activities, consultation and so on. Adding to this, Flockforge also helps in running campaigns and organizing events which as a result brings the alumni together.

Flockforge is an alumni engaging platform which helps alumni associations keep their promises towards their alma mater. Flockforge is the one step solution to all alumni networking needs. The features provided by the company are coherent and efficient in managing the alumni networking. Thereby allowing us to connect, communicate, interact and engage with the alumni even more efficiently. Flockforge also helps the association maintain a constant and steady relationship with the institution, the alma mater, in the long run.

By this coalition, we aim to expand our ever-growing alumni network, and subsequently maintaining the relationship between the alumni, the alma mater and the students alongside the development of the institution as well.

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