Susthithi, Exhibition on Sustainable Living

CETAA Kochi, the Kochi chapter of the Alumni Association of the College of Engineering Trivandrum, the oldest engineering college of the state is hosting an event to show case ways & means on sustainable living.This unique exhibition shall demonstrate technical excellence for managing a clean environment, promote renewable energy sources and safe food habits. This exhibition is scheduled to be held at Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium ,Kadavanthra, Kochi on May 11,12 &13th 2018.

The event shall promote a deep understanding of various waste management initiatives in India, there by creating a society well informed on the disposal /recycling methods through the help of companies/ agencies/ institutions who shall display and demonstrate the products , technology , practices and solutions.CEETA Kochi has embarked on this project for the betterment of society, bringing in awareness and building a behavioural change and right attitude in people.

CETAA Kochi has already launched a series of talk sessions by subject experts specifically waste management- a subject that has developed into a serious concern to the society, affecting the country and the world as a whole. Basic principles of Solid Waste Management-4Rs Refuse, Reduce ,Reuse ,Recycle –are well imbibed in the minds .However many doubts still linger on what needs to be done with different category of wastes such as Domestic waste,Factory waste, E-waste, Construction waste,Agricultural waste, Food waste, Bio-medical waste, Nuclearwaste, Slaughter house waste etc.Theoretical information alone will not suffice and therefore we identified the need to exhibit the best practices, technology and methods followed.

An awareness creation is being initiated among Schools, Colleges, Offices in the Corporation of Kochi through an award scheme.

To fulfill the objective on sustainable living requires a look into many of the other Eco green tips beside waste disposal ,such as : Energy conservation, rain water collections and harvesting ,smart ventilations, innovative recycled products, super green,energy saving , sustainable house,organic farming, smart irrigation etc. This event will also throw light on these areas, so tointroduce to the general public the widest gamut available of possibilities and solutions towards a better living. For the current and future generations.

We hope this event will also prove to be an eye opener for all crosssectionsof society such that it can draw the support of the self governing bodies also.